Friday, March 23, 2012

Start Now- Go!

My musical career begins, wait... 4,3,2,1, now! I have often worried that I'm one of those nuts with a built-in anti-success mechanism. You know, avoid all achievement at any cost. Believe me, I've looked into it. I don't believe, after careful consideration, that to be the case but I'm not absolutely sure.

Who cares. Today I plan to write songs pretty enough to make me cry. I'm gonna finish up some of these plays lying around. I'm buckling down to get my James Dean/ Liz Taylor/ Rock Hudson historical fiction novel rolling.

Let's call it a late life crisis. If I fail, it won't be because I haven't worked hard. It won't be because I haven't  tried. I still have plans to save the world, too. I'm ambitious. I love you all.

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