Thursday, March 8, 2012

All The Oxygen, All The Luck

Sometimes I worry that I may use up all of the good fortune allotted to the planet. It hardly seems fair that another old white guy gets everything that he wants, whenever he wants it. I've never had any bad luck. I've never been cheated or abused. Folks are good to me. I'm Ronny Elliott for a living. How hard can that be?

Oh sure, I've had a few jobs that I complained about. Probably just enough and for just long enough to remind me that I was designed and built to play rock'n'roll. I was even born at the time necessary to get in on the ground floor.

It's hard to bellyache about the loved ones that I've lost. The blessing of them passing through my life has given me the real gift of love that makes it all worthwhile.

I surely would love to give some back. I love just as hard as I can but, starting today, I'm gonna love harder. I have an obligation to stand up for the ones who can't and to carry the banner for peace, too. I've got songs to write and stories to tell.

I suppose that the luckiest part of the deal is knowing just how lucky I am. Boy!

By the way, happy International Women's Day, too. Did I mention that everything good in my life has come from the women in it? I bow to the sweeter, stronger gender. Thank you for everything.

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