Sunday, August 7, 2011

How Are You Gonna Break Their Heart If Your Heart Ain't Broken?

I never claimed to be that much a writer. I'm more "moon, June and croon," than Bob Dylan or George Gershwin. I always set my sights on happiness, too. I have to say that I hurt a woman once. No excuses. Karma has been reminding me of that for decades now.

Never much of what anyone would call a singer, either, I would like to be able to stir something in the folks that I play for. If they don't trample your heart every now and then, where are you ever going to find that well of sadness, that reservoir of heartache. I'm pretty sure that there are easier ways to get this work done. I believe that a brighter man would have come up with a shortcut by now, a way around having your heart torn out and trampled. Oh well.

This is my song about Sid and Nancy. Seems like one of the great love stories of our time to me.

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  1. You know this is my favorite. It's actually tied with Burn, Burn, Burn. Mike and I think you should be able to make millions off these two alone. But hey, what the hell do we know??