Saturday, July 23, 2011

Space People

It was a visit to Tampa to see my cousins, George and Sandra, when I was first introduced to Jack & Jill Magazine. We moved here from Birmingham when I was six so it must have been very early in my reading career.

I had a clue already that somewhere out there in the ether was the truth. You know, the truth.

For some reason I went directly to an article about the ringing, or high pitch hum, that frequents your ears and your head. The author made the claim that the sensation was the result of the space people attempting to contact us. If you could be quiet enough and still enough when the ringing started, eventually they would get through and bring you the message that was the one for you.

Now, almost sixty years later, you may find that you're losing me in the middle of a conversation; middle of a sentence; middle of a song. I don't want to miss anything.

In the early seventies I spent money to have the Maharishi teach me Transcendental Meditation. I should have just stuck with my earlier lesson. By the way, no message yet. I am a patient man.

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