Saturday, June 20, 2020

Nice Guys Don't Finish

Being a good guy has never been a smart career move. I remember that early on in his career, Elvis made the decision not to smile for photographs. Based on Brando and James Dean, he was convinced that a surly look was what melted young girls' hearts. Seems funny now- all those iconic snapshots of that famous, crooked smirk. I'm thinking that in 1956 he was just having too much fun to scowl.

Well, sir, after fifty something years in the rock'n'roll racket, I'm still smiling. Oh, I'm a revolutionary. An anarchist. There aren't many organizations that I admire, any governments that I support or many country clubs that will let me in.

I still love the music. The music business? Not so much.

Do you suppose that I have failed because I smiled? Is it my lack of regard for the crooks in the industry?

Who cares?

I'm having too much fun to snarl.

Oh, yeah- I love the people. I don't like the war but I love the soldiers. I don't like the government but most of those jackasses are doing about the best they can. I despise Wall Street but I have plenty of pals who don't. Nobody needs to remind me that for every self-important sourpuss with a silver chalice, slinging smoke, babbling in a language that nobody understands- there is a country preacher who works without pay, trying to comfort his neighbors.

Now, pardon me- I'm gonna keep smiling. Failing, too, I imagine.

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