Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Laundry Day

Tilting at windmills, that comes naturally to me. At this stage of my life I would really rather watch for rainbows and lightning bugs. I don't sell any records. Never did. I make 'em for just a few of you. This blog? Honestly it's mostly an excuse to put my head somewhere else. If the friendly folks at facebook don't like it, well, alright then.

I've scooped mud from the bottom of barges and I helped Stirling Moss push his birdcage Maserati. Once I rode flat on my back in a U-Haul trailer from Yeehaw Junction to Miami. I laundered money for the Russian mafia to make a few bucks for school. I thought I was promoting concerts.

Turns out I was paying way more attention in Sunday School than I thought. I've been pushing this "peace and love" stuff ever since.

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