Thursday, February 13, 2020

Justice Is Color-Blind, Love Is Just Near-Sighted

It occurs to me that I surely have talked a lot for somebody with so little to say. What I lack in ambition I make up for with a lack of the Christian work ethic. I've been called lazy. I prefer to think I'm authentic. 

Once I was a rock'n'roll musician. That job only lasted for a little over fifty years and the industry died. Well, let's be honest, nobody thought in 1956 that it would be around for a decade. 

Now this philosophy racket doesn't keep me very busy. Come to think of it, the music business didn't either. I started music to pick up girls. I never picked up a girl. This blather about philosophy is to keep from admitting to no visible means of support. The pay and the benefits are lacking but I'm not really complaining.

All that stuff between the tiniest particles- that's the magic. I'm kinda' a magician, too. 

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