Monday, January 13, 2020

Moriarty Be Damned!

Sticks and stones, my esteemed, imaginary rival- sticks and stones. I have seen the "other side" and, steady, boys- there is no other side. With cautious abandon I have sought truth for all of my long life. It has been with me all along. Children know truth. In fact, that's all they know. Oh, kids will fib. Some of them lie with regularity.

We try to make sense of suffering and create involved scenarios of gods and spirits to justify loss and isolation. Then we argue over the different ideas and fight wars with the ones with different agendas. 

The dominant genes keep the aggressive ones at the top of the games. They reproduce and hope that their aggressive nature will insure their offsprings' niche at the top.

In case I have it wrong, maybe you should run for office or donate to the church. Promote yourself for the legacy and keep up those life insurance premiums. 

Meanwhile, I will play. That's pretty much all I've ever done.

It's all about love. Nothing else much matters.

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