Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Always Too Much Information

My jaw locked once when I was twelve or thirteen years old. I could only open my mouth about half-way. For some reason I never mentioned it to anyone. One day, after a year or two, everything popped back in place. It seemed like a miracle at the time. I felt like one of those rubes "healed" by the television preacher who could suddenly throw his crutches into the audience. I had gotten used to my affliction and adjusted my eating, talking and yawning habits without really noticing.

Today, nearly two years after losing my beloved Jamaica, I felt a twinge of joy. I wasn't really aware that it was gone from my life. Oh, I've had some good times and I've heard some pretty music. I've laughed at some good jokes and I've enjoyed some fine food. Still, bliss has been absent and I didn't know that I missed it.

My record producer, Phil Gernhard, told us once while we were awaiting fame and fortune, "Enjoy it when it comes because it only means something in the beginning."

Well, sir, it never came. Fame or fortune. In order not to miss anything, I had willed myself joyful. I suppose that I had gotten used to it and I guess I've always kept happy as my default setting. I kinda' forgot all about the fame and fortune.

Now, though- hot dog! I plan to laugh and dance and sing and yawn for the rest of the ride.

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