Thursday, May 2, 2019

Keep The Change

The first signs of silver are of little consequence. Then, bang- you're old. The good news? It's not so bad. Now, when I miss a patch of whiskers, nobody cares. Heck, nobody notices. Zipper down? What's new?

It's not exactly that I wear my irrelevance as some kind of badge of honor; it's just that I'm used to it.

Inappropriate behavior? Hey, I was socially awkward before socially awkward was a thing. I don't mean to brag... wait, yeah, I guess I'm kinda' bragging.

The fact that I don't work often, I can call semi-retirement, or something. Never worked much and never had that excuse before. Oh, I suppose there was a time, a very long time ago, when I could work as often as I wanted. I never really worked all that often then, either.

Honestly, I think I make a pretty good old man. I may have found my calling.

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