Sunday, February 24, 2019

Last Of The Kentucky Buckshots

Then it's settled- we ride at sunrise. I have tilted at windmills for all of my long life. Now, good and evil battle it out all around me. For me, the decisions come down to love and power. Feel free to substitute "money" for "power."

As a kid, my path was pre-determined. Yours, too, by the way. I knew right from wrong. It was reinforced and supported, mostly with love. Occasionally corporal punishment was added.

"Ronny, go cut me a hickory switch."

I would bring Grandma the flimsiest little twig that you can imagine.* Then I would cry my eyes out while she brushed the pitiful sprig lightly, ever so lightly, against my tiny legs. The crying was all about disappointing Grandma.

Maybe I'm the luckiest guy who ever lived. I've done a few things for money. I've done most things for love. I spent all the money. Wasted it by most consideration. I've still got the love. Every bit of it. You keep money in the bank. You keep love in memories.

Rock'n'roll is my currency. Dividends are paid in joy.


*No, no smaller. Much smaller.

1 comment:

  1. I used to get spanked with a wooden spoon. Same one my mother used to stir oatmeal with - and that didn't exactly sell the oatmeal.