Thursday, February 14, 2019

Bleach and Vodka

Just don't ever take any of it too seriously, especially yourself. Me? I chased after it all until I couldn't get it. Then I didn't want it. Now it seems to chase me. Turns out Sunday school has served me well.

As an unsophisticated bumpkin who frets over rhymes, I feel uniquely qualified to espouse a lifestyle that centers on peace and love. 

What frustrated teachers as a distinct lack of ambition, I always wrote off as an aversion to competition. My heroes were ambitious, if I am to believe what I read. I'm not. Never was.

Oh, I'm not bragging. If you call it lazy, I'm not about to defend myself. Without a muse, I'm a goner. I've always cried over goodbye. 

1 comment:

  1. I've never had any ambition - I didn't know I was supposed to. The only time I've been competitive was in sports, which I hardly ever played and I was never any good at anyway. I just played baseball so I could get to bat. And that turned out to be just my way to vent. And now I do discographies of pretty much anything and anyone. I've been working at one for over 15 years. Never finish them tho - they just get more and more complicated.