Saturday, June 16, 2018

War Games

Sometimes I wonder, "Why do I waste my time on this dribble?"

"Why do I preach as though I have something important to say?"

Well, sir, here's what it's all been building to. Little boys play war. In my culture we played cowboys and Indians. We coveted toy guns and we set ants on fire with magnifying glasses. Me? I saw "To Hell and Back" seven times.

On the other hand, I have always favored pink shirts. I did mention that I was raised by women, didn't I? Strong women. Loving women. Smart women.

Now, here I am- an old man. Oh, I've always had the nerve to speak up. It just takes some time to get the words in order.

Do everything in your power to stop war. All war.

Help the ones who can't help themselves, human and otherwise.

Ignore false prophets. They will make themselves obvious.

That's about it, my beautiful friends. Love with all your heart. That green paper and that shiny metal are tricks. If these bozos think that they own land, well, I'll dance at their funerals. 

When you find someone who tells you the truth, slap him on the back. Give her a kiss. As him to dance.

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