Wednesday, June 20, 2018

My Zero Tolerance

Somehow I seem to find myself right in style. Almost fashionable. I have zero tolerance as it turns out. Who knew?

Yeah, I have zero tolerance for these psychopaths in D.C. and these bureaucrats mishandling children. I have no patience for "Americans" willing to watch roving gangs of thieves destroy our democracy in order to secure their own tax cuts. I find myself unable to sit through biblical babble from evil hillbilly runts justifying and legitimizing hateful action torturing and penalizing the weakest people in our society. 

Oh, dear friends, I could go on:

Unending war. Environmental degradation. Lobbyists writing legislation. Income inequality. Healthcare that does not provide health care. 

I could go on. How's your tolerance?

These villains don't read. They don't know history. That's obvious. Do they know where revolutions come from?


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