Friday, March 16, 2018

Rubber Scissors

Maybe I should have danced more.

Did I ever tell you about my favorite shirt? I think you can tell a lot about a fellow from his favorite shirt. In the seventh grade my mom took me shopping for school clothes. We were downtown in Tampa's biggest department store. Boys' clothes were on the second floor.

There it was. Now, I'm no clotheshorse. Never was, never will be. This garment, though, changed everything. This shirt was who I was, who I am.

It was a knit pattern, alternating diamond shapes of purple and olive green. It had three quarter length sleeves and a boatneck. The design element that really finished her off was a double pocket in the front. Picture a kangaroo pouch with a button that might hold two packs of Camels.

Somewhere around here I know that there is at least one picture of me wearing that shirt. I'll try to find it. It didn't last too long. The knit fabric shrunk in the laundry as I was growing at a pretty good clip.

I was never like the others.

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