Friday, August 19, 2016

The First Thing To Go

There's a power in old age and there's a sweetness in the wet air. Life has really never been better. I hear things on those Little Willie John records that I never heard before. I understand stories from decades ago for the first time. I've no interest in nostalgia but I surely waller in sentimentality.

Beautiful melodies are just waiting to be assembled and stories line up like Delta jets on the tarmac in Atlanta. Rock'n'roll requires no effort, only passion. All your passion.

My rewards are staggering and I hope that I've never taken them for granted. Oh, nobody's ever paid me much and there have never been women waiting at the end of the show. Not for me. The critics have always been good to me. It occurred to me a long time ago that my appeal to them is based primarily on my obscurity. I'll take it.

Pay attention, boy. Pay attention. It's all about the love. Everything else is just a distraction. When you're lucky enough to know that, to understand that, you don't need to explain it to anyone else. Just love.

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