Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Mama's Boy

Day five of this cold or flu or sinus infection or whatever runs this show here right now. I went to bed at eight pm again but woke up at nine coughing. Of course I'm pretty sure I'm dying but that's only because I'm never sick and don't know much about it.

Let's just get right down to business here. I miss my mom. I miss my grandmother. 

My mother always told me I was the smartest kid in school. The most handsome. She didn't lie to me. That's what she thought. She went without common necessities so that I could have anything I wanted. Anything. 

Okay, alright it's a common story. A young, single mother devotes everything with big, blind love to her kid. I look around me and I see cases of it now.

When I add in my grandmother's role, the tale of this little Alabama whippersnapper becomes epic. Now Lottie was good at love. That's what she did. She raised those five beautiful babies on her own when my grandfather died, having to substitute love for grocery items.

None of them ever missed that I was her favorite. It was always a love battle between Mom and Grandma. Me? I won.

Really, it wouldn't be fair to feel sorry for myself because I miss them. I had them both for a very long time. If I hadn't lived it I wouldn't believe that there was such love. They broke all records.

My heart has been busted so many times that it should probably have been thrown out a long time ago. I've got all this love, though. It has made more sense to just glue the pieces around the love.


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