Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Land of Guns and Honey

Far be it from me to criticise, whine, complain. Oh, wait- that's what I do. You don't turn your back on a friend, though, especially when they're down. Somehow the good guys are gonna have to get some kind of control of the US government. 

The majority of Americans are fine, decent folks. A vast majority. I grew up with kind, fair people who shared their good fortune. 

Oh, we frequently had it wrong. Indigenous people. Slaves. The environment. I could go on but I don't want my little blog banned in Florida.

Maybe the old girl has just had her day. Empires rise and empires tumble. It surely seems to me, however, that if the majority made the big decisions again for awhile, that there's plenty of life in her.

Meanwhile, the weather is lovely in Dorset. I'll see you in October.


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