Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Finding The Source


Maybe I should have kept a few secrets. You know, created a mystique. A little late to worry about it now, I suppose. Most folks grow up. They get tricked into believing that they have no choice. Oh, I've bought suits and I've bought ties. Nobody ever accused me of growing up.

If you ever lose a fascination with lightning bugs or ever lose your taste for ice cream, it's time to re-evaluate. Everything.

You learn math and you study science but you come with love right from the factory. Oh sure, chemistry complicates it at some point. You may never break your nose like I did, or your arm, like I did, but you're surely gonna have your heart broken at some point and that's a price you pay.

In fact, loss, in one form or another, finances all love. The glory of it all overwhelms me.

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