Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The Boy Who Met Elvis

The whole thing was in her mind. I feigned a demure attitude- "Well, I never really met him. I mean, well, he knew my name and, of course I knew his. We shook hands. We talked. I was a kid. He was the King of Rock'n'Roll."

For some reason, my sweet friend knew me very well. She knew, absolutely, that meeting Elvis Presley made me the person that I am today. Oh, she knew about my family life and she was aware of my background. In fact, we were introduced by another woman who had worked on a documentary about me. I married that one for a short time.

Life's funny.

She rented the finest gear and hired technical wizards. She filmed and probed and cajoled. We laughed and cried. I sang and primped and posed. Visions of awards and accolades danced as she shot and she was more than happy to share them.

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