Thursday, July 9, 2020

Terms of Engagement

The very idea of Rules of Love seems ridiculous to me. Kinda' like Rules of War, isn't it? The winners re-write what was there, clearing their side, and indicting the new bad guys with whatever means that they declare atrocities. War crimes.

Hey, fellas- it's all evil. Ain't no good wars. There wasn't a god on your side.

Same with romance. You love till you don't. You do the best you can. The Golden Rule is about all you have to cling to. Of course, I learned all I ever knew watching Rock Hudson canoodle with Doris Day.

How'd that work out for you, Ronny?

The loving part- I got that. In my world the science all rhymes and the poetry explains what can be explained. Love is the currency and I hate to brag, but I'm rich.

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