Sunday, May 3, 2020

Between Birds and Stars

Have I ever given you a business card?

I didn't think so.

As nearly as I can recall, my first was our band calling card for The Raveons. My work experience up till then had consisted of bagging groceries and scooping mud out of the hulls of barges. Neither of those endeavors required much in the way of marketing. I was seventeen years old when we had these printed up. Maybe the fact that I still have some around will give you some idea of my self-promotional skills.

The next batch that I can find, poking through the treasures here, is from my next band, The Outsiders. Now we probably managed to hand out a few more of these. In fact, I'm not really sure that this is the first version of OS cards. Nevertheless, it's not time to re-order even though it's been about fifty five years since the last run.

After that there were occupations that demanded business cards, i.e. real estate, environmental protection, mortgage, and those that didn't- writer, hot sauce bottler and gadabout.

It occurs to me, finally, that my profession, if in fact I had a profession, is Ronny Elliott. I'm just no good at preparation, practice, rehearsal, posing, promoting. Others may simply refer to me as lazy. I don't really have the gumption to get up and argue with them.

Over the years I have been close to wealthy and it was fun. I've been poor more often. It wasn't too bad. If you talk enough, something's bound to rhyme. Voila! I'm a poet. I suppose I'm something of a philosopher, too. I seem to think a good bit as I sit around and, lord knows, I talk about it. I preach. You've probably noticed. Hasn't paid very well and I'm not sure I've comforted many folks, much less saved anyone.

Today, I serve as proof that some force will keep most fools from starving or freezing. It's up to us to help those others.

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