Sunday, April 14, 2019

Mining The Bliss

If this were the first time, I would just walk away. I sit here every day, or almost every day, and pour my heart out to anybody who will take the time to follow this propaganda trail. All I'm peddling here is peace and love. 

Let's face it, peace and love aren't really trending right now. Of course I'm happiest when I'm most unfashionable. You would think that I would be one happy, if outmoded, someone around here, and I suppose I am.

Two or three times a week I find myself throwing out what I've written, realizing that I have said the same thing several times over the years. 

Woe is me- rock'n'roll bit the dust.I have failed at romance. War is bad. It's women's turn. Whatever happened to the cowboys? The District of Columbia is filled with psychopaths. Blah, blah, blah ad nauseam.

If it weren't for the joy that comes with putting my head on the shoulders of folks with lives more interesting than mine, and cobbling together videos that don't make sense for my songs that make even less sense, I would storm right outta' here. 

Don't forget that peace and love stuff.

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