Friday, August 10, 2018

Measuring Mud In Years

If you're waiting for life to make sense, have a seat. It's gonna be a long wait. Now that ignorance has thrown in with hate and greed to form a particularly ugly brew, pull up a chair and pull down the shades.

Imagine my surprise to discover that I'm Black. Gay. Female. Trans. Hell, I'm a communist! I'm just here in a white guy disguise, planted as a spy. 

Do I seem cocky? I know about love. I understand what your money's worth. Really worth. I can see that the glazed ham-headed emperor is naked and, honestly, I wish that I couldn't. 

Stand up and tell the truth. Do it with all the love in your heart. If I were famous, they would kill me. If I were wealthy, they would institutionalize me.

My plan this morning was to make fun of the Space Farce. I wandered off-course. Forgive me.

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