Wednesday, May 9, 2018

War Ethics Issues

Let me get this straight- there are professional warriors who work on the rules for war. I heard a consultant on the radio this morning refer to ethics issues with war. He seemed very proud that his unit didn't shoot and kill a young girl who his unit suspected of scouting for enemy combatants. Apparently she was about eight years old. Do you suppose that it would have been alright to shoot and kill her if she had been nine? How about twelve?

It seems that most of our war rules come from the Geneva Convention. We keep losing wars and yet, somehow, none of our guys are ever charged with war crimes.

Do you suppose that maybe all of the war rules are written by countries with sophisticated weapons? In other words, anyone who can afford to buy armaments from the U.S. or Russia or China. Let me remind you at this point that armaments and military equipment is our major industry and has been for decades.

Please don't assume that I am against ethics or rules. If they have a suggestion box, I've neatly typed, "No War." 

In case anybody needs suggestions for replacing our number one industry, I have suggestions for that box, too. Education. Healthcare. Environment. Infrastructure. 

You know I could go on. Don't worry. I will.

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