Friday, October 21, 2016

Hell Toupee

Pretty sure that I've told you about the alien message that I found planted in Jack and Jill Magazine when I was six. On a Florida vacation to visit my cousins, George and Sandra, I struggled through an article about space visitation. I learned that when you hear a high pitched whine, that it's the space people trying to get in touch. The secret is to get very quiet in order to tune them in. When you are still enough and quiet enough, they will get through.

Well, for sixty three years I've been screeching to a halt mid-sentence to find out what they have for me. I'm a patient man.

It occurs to me that rock'n'roll is the secret language. Here I've had a good, clear line all this time. It's all peace and love and they've been in touch all this time.

Dave Marsh told me that rock'n'roll came from outer space. I figure that he should know. He said, "Well, you know your pal, Butch Hancock, says that Buddy Holly was an alien."

"What does that mean?"

"He says it sure the fuck didn't come from Lubbock, Texas!"

I asked Butch about it. He just laughed.

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