Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Heroes

The best part of the blessing of working with most of my heroes is that very few of them have ever let me down. The rock'n'roll stars lived up to their images: bigger than life; kind; fascinating.

Bo Diddley never ran out of stories. The Jimmy Reed adventures were a whole category. He ranted about child rearing, junkyards, drug abuse. He complained about the music business and his spot in history. He was obsessed with law enforcement. He wanted to produce a record with us.

First time that I had seen him I was nine years old and my mom had taken me to the armory in Tampa for "The Biggest Rock'n'Roll Show Of '56." He almost blew the walls down. Best part- he wore glasses. Eyeglasses! I had just started wearing them and it gave me the signal that I could still grow up to rock'n'roll. I did. Bo Diddley Is A Lover came out in 1961. Boy, I wish I had the nerve to call a record Ronny Elliott Is A Lover.

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