Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Money Cravin' Folks

There will always be distractions to keep us from enjoying this garden that we live in. If you're not out chasing the almighty peso, you're scrounging to put a few together to pay the dastardly landlord who is.

Clearly we're meant to be hanging around naked, listening to rock'n'roll and loving all the other creatures.

Somewhere along the line we allowed some phony to make it more complicated than that. Fear is usually the tyrant's tool. He'll use God, with a capital G, money, power, and shame to keep us focused on his goals. 

Science and knowledge should be our way out. Love is the ultimate weapon. We'll inch ahead but it's a long journey. Those idiots on the supreme court and their nitwit pals in the congress are using every trick in the book to move us backwards.

Get your love out.


  1. It's easier to go backwards down the hill than frontwards up it. Ask Sisyphus.