Sunday, February 26, 2012

Good Guys

Hey! If the better translation of Jesus' claim is really, "I am a son of God," then he was pretty much talking the company line that the Buddha had laid down much earlier. Nothing in the bible says that he was married. Nothing says that he wasn't. He hung around with Mary Magdalene and he may have married her. Turns out that there is no evidence that she was a working girl. That was a different Mary. Popular name.

We do know that he didn't much care for the bankers of the day. He didn't think much of the rich folks who didn't take care of the poor, either. If any of the narrative attributed to him is close to accurate, then we might expect that if he showed up today that we might catch a glimpse on a local newscast of him sharing loaves and wine at a peaceful Occupy event. I truly doubt that he would have any interest in politics but I am sure that he would not approve of our infant mortality rate in this country or the profits made from war.

Be nice and help others, especially the ones who can't take proper care of themselves. It's not rocket science.

Woody Guthrie recognized the link between the historic Jesus and the social movements of his day. Things haven't changed much. Maybe they have and they've changed back. This was at the Woody Guthrie Festival in Okemah, Oklahoma, four or five years back. Let's change it again. Let's fix it.

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