Friday, February 10, 2012


The ectoplasm reeks with hilarity and good cheer. Man, it feels so good to feel good. As I barrel through giddiness I glance in my soul's rear view mirror and I can't begin to figure out where life crossed the shoulder. I've blamed other folks and, as you are painfully aware, I have whined and called foul. The truth is always that we are in charge of our own game plan. I'm back and I am elated to be alive. I possess new songs and new spirit.

At this stage in life I can't afford to call in a show. Every opportunity to perform is holy. I cherish the folks that I get to play for and I want to make them happy.

I'm full of love and I'm packed with gratitude for all of the wonderful friends who put up with me for a long time.


  1. what did the aliens do with the real ronny?

  2. Life is filled with choices. You have chose to be happy. I am happy for you pal.