Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Yeah, But Wait 'til The Sun Shines


Well, sir, I'm back in the UK, legally and all and not a minute too soon. Cable news in the States was about to get the better of me. Oh, I could have turned it off. Walked away. Wait- no I couldn't. I would have if I could.

School shootings and indictments. Sinking states and skyrocketing insurance bills. Half the country hates the other half and one of those sides is armed to the teeth. A Supreme Court that is reviled by pretty much everyone.

More than once I've had friends tell me, "I don't blame you. I would leave here, too, if I had the nerve."
I presume they think I'm leaving for a calmer political climate. Of course that's merely a side benefit in my case.

I left for love.

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