Wednesday, April 28, 2021

When Hula Girls Ruled the Planet


Torn between keeping my good fortune a secret and risking jinxing it all by boasting, I have decided to spill the beans. I was born lucky. Really lucky. I am that pin ball that comes right down the center alley, without a single encounter with a flipper, and drops straight into the million point hole.

Bells ring. Lights flash.

Oh, it was never a game of skill with me. One must work to acquire skills. My excuse has always been that work might affect my authenticity. Raise your hand if you can see right through that!

There are days when I'm not sure if I have managed to stay off all gods' radars, avoiding lightning strikes and infestations, or if, in fact, I have contrived a scheme to always end up at the front of the line when the stuff gets handed out.

Before you ask, yes, I will be happy to share my great fortune with you.

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