Wednesday, March 3, 2021

What If They Find Us Here?


Life's full of little lessons that I seem to learn over and over. There are only a couple of them that seem to matter much in the big picture. I seem to have spent the better part of a lifetime desperate for approval while working hard avoiding any measure of conformity. Assuring disapproval, you see.

Of course I'm far too lazy to check on a definition of eccentric, but I'll bet this fits in there somewhere. Almost a curmudgeon, I'm kept out of the club because I love almost everybody.

When I consider the time and effort that I have put into some vague notion of staying true to myself, I realize that I could have amounted to something by now. Cured something, earned something, won something, discovered something.

Lazy or stubborn?

Sticks and stones, buddy, sticks and stones.

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