Friday, February 19, 2016

Transformers and Resistors

Yeah, I've always worried that if I were going to figure it all out, that it would come to me at "the end." Of course I haven't nearly figured it all out and I'm hoping that this isn't quite the end. I am an old man, though, and I do know more than I did yesterday. 

It seems that the truth is out there in lots of beautiful books. Plenty of movies, poems, paintings and sculptures, too. Beethoven scribbled it out as a deaf man. Woody Guthrie flooded the market with it and most of the world yawned until Bobby Zimmerman became Bob Dylan and forced it on us with the help of Albert Grossman.

Until you translate it into your own version in your own language, the mystery remains. Most folks don't much care. The others, the ones they call the seekers, keep unwrapping hints until nothing's left but the truth. 

Nothing here to be smug about. We were all born with it.

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