Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ronny's Patience

If patience is a virtue, I must be a shiftless skunk. I've always described myself as a patient man, even recently. Of course I've always described my addictive personality, too. I don't have any addictive personality. Just the opposite. Just good luck, too.

Suddenly my life is so wonderful that it's hard to accept it. My path to help out a little bit is well lit and I'm in awe of life in general. All this loss and all this loneliness that I've whined about suddenly makes sense to me. Loss isn't the lesson. It's the teacher. Loneliness is no lesson, either. It's the reminder that we're all connected and that we all share a single heart.

I would ask rhetorically, "Why didn't someone tell me?," but, in fact, someone probably did. I'm supposed to have lessons to teach her but she seems to be doing the teaching. She's supposed to have patience to handle my idiosyncrasies. Seems like a miracle but she seems to. I've certainly pushed it beyond reasonable.

I come close to being one of those folks that you can't buy a gift for. I have everything. Whatever the question is, love is the answer.

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