Friday, January 13, 2012

My Hat's In The Ring

Always hoped it would never come to this. I am finally at the point where I believe that I have to consider running for public office. In my quest to actually do my part to save the world it is becoming more and more difficult to ignore this option.

I always wanted to be the bass player. I never wanted my name out front. I loved having a singer, someone who had something to say, an entertainer who wanted the attention. I was lucky enough to work with some fine ones, too. Finally it became clear to me that grownups couldn't have rock'n'roll bands. Someone was always going to move, marry, divorce, die or screw up in one fashion or another. I had to do it on my own.

Now, I am painfully aware of my shortcomings as a human being and a citizen. Even if I were not, I have ex-wives and band mates who will tell you about every shortcoming that I have. I will try to tell you first. They are all fine and honest human beings but you should probably hear it from me. Most of you know that I have no secrets. I have told everybody everything since I was a kid.

I will promise you this, however:

I will always tell the truth. I will work to represent truth and all of the people, all of the time. I will never be influenced by wealth or the lack of wealth. Ending poverty and ignorance and war will always be my highest priority. I will sacrifice everything personally to make sure that the disenfranchised are represented.

I joke a lot. Too much. I am often sarcastic and frequently cynical. I don't find either of these qualities to be positive. This is not my idea of a joke. My pal, David Amram, suggested a few years back that I should run for Governor of Florida. That was before Rick Scott. I have not decided what office to seek and I will not base my decision on my odds of being elected. After all, Col. Parker was once the dogcatcher in Tampa.

I have no special gifts, no influential friends and no money to speak of. I have fire and love and desire and I want to do my part to make things better. I honestly believe that we are on the brink of a golden age and I'm ready to roll. Can you believe it? I love you all.

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  1. Damn! You got my vote, Bubba. Of course, you've always had that. I wish I had money. I'd give it to you for your campaign, after I'd spent some of it on a nice Martin guitar. And women. Very pretty complaisant women. Women who don't have to look up the meaning of the word "complaisant", yet are beautiful at the same time. Wait! I'm off on a tear, aren't I? Anyway you've got my vote.