Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Next, Please

If you run GM, you don't understand Tesla. You have contempt for Elon Musk and you're pretty sure that Uncle Sam and Jesus would both drive Chevrolets. If they drove.

If you're Reince Priebus, I'm sorry. You run the Republican Party and you don't understand Donald Trump. You pretend that you do. In fact, you pretend to like him. You don't have any choice.

As is usually the case, cultural change doesn't knock lightly. It kicks in the door.

So Wall Street doesn't like Bernie Sanders, huh? So what? He didn't like them first. Oh, if the people elect someone who regulates our industry, democracy will fall! Oh, please.

The Grammy Awards were given out last night. Of course I've heard of Taylor Swift. She's on the evening news sometimes. Twice I've seen Bruno Mars on TV. To be honest, I don't know much more about the NFL than I do the Grammys. 

I'm not bragging about being out of touch. I'm not really embarrassed about it, either. I'm not quite one of those jerks who brags that nobody tells him what to do. I'm close, though. When fashion and I track closely, I'm proud. It never seems to last long. On the other hand, peace and love and rock'n'roll always seem to come back around.

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