Sunday, January 31, 2016

Something In The Water

Well, we've got relative humility and crowded skies with 100% chance of reality. Music is too special to waste any. Love, on the other hand, is sacred and cannot be wasted. It is created perpetually through kindness. Go ahead- try to waste it.

Use your magic. Act as though you were running for something. Shake hands. Kiss babies.

I've got stories for you. Sad ones, short ones, dirty ones. I don't have any jokes. Can't remember them. I hope that you know how special you are. We're all in one big, special club. Oh, it's exclusive. It's just us. All of us.

They say that everyone needs to look down on someone. I'm not proud of this but I think there's a fellow in the news right now that we can all look down on.

That's no joke.


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