Wednesday, February 24, 2016


I once spent eleven years working for the government helping protect the environment. Maybe I should say that I once wasted eleven years. When I left, broken, dispirited and depressed, I worried that maybe I would no longer identify as an environmentalist. Maybe my idealism would be diminished. Nope. The experience made me cynical about government, bureaucracy maybe, but not tilting at windmills.

The bullies who took your lunch money from your pocket while you were dressed out for phys ed now control your government. As I watched the alpha male lawyer on 60 Minutes boast that the government didn't bother attorneys because the attorneys write the laws, I realized just how simple and straightforward this system really is. This guy was straight from central casting right down to his suspenders.

Oh, I don't need to be reminded that there are wonderful folks toiling in the legal profession and would-be heroes swimming against the tide in our government. As you start to take inventory, though, you quickly realize that there are far more Snidely Whiplashes than Atticus Finches out there.

Unfortunately, we're dealing with evolution here. In the real game love "trumps" power.

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