Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Mama's Boy

Day five of this cold or flu or sinus infection or whatever runs this show here right now. I went to bed at eight pm again but woke up at nine coughing. Of course I'm pretty sure I'm dying but that's only because I'm never sick and don't know much about it.

Let's just get right down to business here. I miss my mom. I miss my grandmother. 

My mother always told me I was the smartest kid in school. The most handsome. She didn't lie to me. That's what she thought. She went without common necessities so that I could have anything I wanted. Anything. 

Okay, alright it's a common story. A young, single mother devotes everything with big, blind love to her kid. I look around me and I see cases of it now.

When I add in my grandmother's role, the tale of this little Alabama whippersnapper becomes epic. Now Lottie was good at love. That's what she did. She raised those five beautiful babies on her own when my grandfather died, having to substitute love for grocery items.

None of them ever missed that I was her favorite. It was always a love battle between Mom and Grandma. Me? I won.

Really, it wouldn't be fair to feel sorry for myself because I miss them. I had them both for a very long time. If I hadn't lived it I wouldn't believe that there was such love. They broke all records.

My heart has been busted so many times that it should probably have been thrown out a long time ago. I've got all this love, though. It has made more sense to just glue the pieces around the love.


Monday, August 29, 2016

Loose Ends

Maybe I'n just lucky. If there had been bucket lists when I was a young man, mine would have been over-filled a long time ago. It's all come to me, little effort on my part. Outside of world peace, living forever and seeing the ones I've loved once more, I've got nothing that I'm longing for. 

Regrets? That's another chapter. I'm so very sorry that I've ever hurt anyone. Maybe I can keep from doing that again. Oh, I wish that I had loved more. Harder. Better. I wish I had cuddled the older dogs and the kittens longer. I'll cut this part short to keep from making you uncomfortable and me cry.

I've done my best and I know that doesn't mean that I've done all that well. It would be great to hint around here that I've got it down now and that you can count on me from here on out. Neither one of us is gonna fall for that.

Mostly I've got good intentions. I admit to lust in my heart and an active imagination.

Give us peace on earth and end this dreadful, dreadful war.


Sunday, August 28, 2016

Loose Women, Loose Change

It doesn't strain my self-awareness to realize that I'm only happy when I'm playing. These days I don't play all that much. Uh oh.

I've never really looked for work. Seems tacky. 

Sometimes I find myself fantasizing about playing in a rhythm and blues band six nights a week, five hours a night. I'm aware that the fantasy only holds up if we could play different songs every night. You're starting to understand my self-imposed dilemma here, aren't you?

Other "necessities" have dropped off my list. I'm gonna spare you the whining about love and romance. 

It's getting all zen around here. I haven't given up much but a lot has given up on me.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Don't Eat Worms

Some of us just feel more. That's the blessing. That's the curse. I've never gotten over anything. They all come to see me in my dreams. I lost another dear friend this week. He wasn't allowed to play with me over the last fifteen or twenty years. We would make plans to get together surreptitiously whenever we ran into each other. We both knew it wouldn't happen. Now he will show up in the movies that play in my head when the lights go out.

I hope I'm in somebody's dreams.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Cuban Heels

If it doesn't make the hair on my arm stand up, I don't want to play it on the radio. As long as there is music that causes my heart to jump, why would anyone play mediocre stuff. Oh, you don't want to get me started on payola. I'm about as outspoken on peer pressure, charts, program directors and bad taste.

You won't catch me defending my own taste. I will always play what I like regardless of fashion. There are only two types of music as far as I can tell. Good and bad. I try to only play one type. I'm the opposite of payola.

Here's the weirdest part of my radio role: I'm crushed when someone doesn't like something that I play. You can probably guess that I'm over the moon when anyone likes any of it. It's not my ego. I didn't make these records! Any fool might question why anyone volunteers their time to program a radio show without compensation. I do.

In case it hasn't occurred to you, there's no paycheck for this blog, either.

I digress. 

Somehow, in my pea brain, I communicate with a sliver of humanity right through the ether via the radio waves. It's my social life, my love life. Really. Hey, I know cornball when I see it. If I can make you dance for a minute, if I can make you cry or blush, if I can make you laugh 'til milk runs out of your nose, I'm well paid. When I tell you on air that I love you, I love you.

Remind me to tell you about my day job sometime. 

Turn your radio on.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bars On The Windows

The stealing started as soon as Pythagoras showed us the scale. I know, I know. Your heroes don't steal. Mine, either. Ol' Bob never saw Little Richard, never heard Woody, never mimicked Gorgeous George, right? It's good art when you steal the good stuff, isn't it?

Life is art. It's holding mirrors up to mirrors. You can start a new language if you think it's a good idea but I don't know who you're gonna talk to. The reason that Sun Ra sold as many records as he did was the purple lame'. 

Sing about love. Talk about peace. Take the good stuff and roll it up together. Voila! Art.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Absolute Power, Absolute Corruption

Who on earth would consider a run for the office of president? Does anyone ever do it for the right reason? Does it matter? Could any person with "good intentions" stand up to this congress? If we got rid of the rotten lobbyists would they be replaced with other rotten lobbyists? Should we step up the war in Syria in order to protect innocent children?

Oh, I could go on and on without all the annoying question marks.

When folks suffer I admit that I don't much understand religion. I do believe in science, though. Full time. Maybe climate change is nature's way of getting rid of man. You know- enough rope.