Monday, February 15, 2016

Barn Doors and Beets

The world keeps getting smaller, crazier, right? Does the rest of the world hate us here in the states? Are they nervous? Maybe the U.N. could sponsor a lights out, Texas death match between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump. Proceeds could go towards feeding the hungry, shelter for the homeless and greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

We all love to root for the villain, I know, but this one will be hard. Most decisions will probably be based on hairdo preference. I haven't been this obsessed with hairstyle since the four lads from Liverpool showed up in in newsreel footage on Jack Paar.

This could be bigger than figure eight bicycle racing. Want in on the action? Just go to my gofuckme page or send the cash directly to the U.N.

God bless America. He's on our side, right?

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