Thursday, February 11, 2016

Let Them Eat Pizza

Really, can you believe it lasted this long? We've been told for a very long time that "you can't beat the house." It's been fairly obvious that our "representatives" in government haven't been representing us. From the scared and ill-informed to the obsessive political junkies, we've swallowed it all for a long time. Wars to protect their interests. Economic collapses based on their reckless gambles.

Seems to me that as long as our flat screens kept getting bigger and the multiple of pixels in our i phone kept increasing, we've been passive to the destruction of our planet, the poisoning of our water and food, the hypocrisy of our government and the piracy of our resources including our airwaves.

Now? Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders. One way or another, the jig's up. They can't assassinate their way out of it this time. The truth, the genie, is out of the bottle- out of the closet.

Maybe it started with the Occupy Movement. Me? I like the pretty girl in hiking boots climbing the tree to hang the banner.

It seems that the display of greed and wealth finally became conspicuous enough. You know what they say: Enough's enough.

Oh, they could have stopped, or at least slowed down, with ten times what we have. Twenty. Maybe fifty. They came back boldly for the crumbs. Now, let's see them get this one back in the bottle.

When I was a kid, the word, revolution, scared me to death. It seems upon listening that it still frightened John Lennon in 1968. I never want to see anyone hurt. I abhor violence.

They took our rock'n'roll, though. Not overnight. They stole it, piece by piece, song by song, station by station. It will fuel this revolution, though, along with peace and love.

Is this an exciting time to be alive or what?

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