Friday, October 14, 2016

Up Your House And I'm Going' Again

How close to the flame do we dare wander? No devil ever offered me anything. For my soul or anything else. These days I spend most of my time weeding in the garden of Eden. All of my time is spare.

Clowns? They showed up in my life before they were fashionable. Should they be able to marry? Which bathroom do they use?

There are songs crowding each other in my head now. I suppose I'm gonna have to start finishing some up to make room for new information. Is there new information? Maybe it's all new or maybe anything that I don't know now is new. Don't call me for Jeopardy. I was something of a ringer when Trivial Pursuit first came along. Thankfully it wasn't fashionable for very long.

Lately I've been naming weeds. I declare a few of them rare delicacies and convince trendy young chefs with good tattoos to collect them to drizzle with fuchsia slime. 

It's all about the love. It always has been.

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